I want to move my business to VoIP- Can I keep my curremt numbers

The short answer to that question is yes you can keep your current numbers. Moving numbers from one provider to another is called number 'porting'. All you need to do is tell us which numbers you want to keep and we will do the rest.

What is VoIP and how does it work?

Voice over Internet Protocol uses the internet to send phone calls. We are presuming you know this part so we arent going into the tech layer on this.



Is VoIP any different to traditional comms?

With VoIP you can call any landline or mobile number from a VoIp phone in the same way you would use a traditional analogue or digital phone and in turn anyone can call you.



The Key Points

How many people use a phone in your business as part of their everyday job?

This will be the number that is used in various options as the multiplier. It will determine how many IP phones you will need, how many ethernet points in your office, how many switches in your local area network.



What level of internet connectivity do you have and will you need?

Connectivity comes in various sizes and costs. In the following pages we have tried to put the various options available to you in order of costs based on the current UK market.



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