Types and Cost of Connectivity

Broadband Type Max Down Max Up Cost Level Concurrent Calls
ADSL/ADSL2+ 20-24Mb 1-2.5Mb £ 6-8
Cable Broadband 120Mb 30Mb £ 6-20+
Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) 80Mb 20Mb £ 10-25+
Business ADSL/ADSL2+ 20-24Mb 1-2.5Mb ££ 6-8+
SDSL 2Mb 2Mb ££ 10-15+
Ethernet First Mile (EFM) 2-35Mb 2-35Mb ££ 10-40+
Fibre to the premises (FTTP) 330Mb 30Mb £££ 50+
Wireless Leased Line 2Mb-1Gb + 2Mb-1Gb + £££ 10-100+
Leased Line 2Mb-1Gb + 2Mb-1Gb + £££ 10-100+


The thing that must be understood with the connectivity options is that they are all based on UP TO speed options. This means that the location of your business in relation to the local telephone exchange will make a difference to the speed of connection.


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